Festival of Quilts re-lived

Wow that went by so fast! All the months of planning, preparing for and organising all flew by in 4 very busy days.

Winbourne Fabric’s Ltd, the UK and Ireland distributor for Moda Fabric’s, stepped out of their comfort zone this year and took up the challenge to run a Moda Bake Shop stand. We booked the stand months before and then set about trying to put together a simple but effective way of letting visitors to Festival of Quilts, know about the wonderful resource we have of free patterns and projects on the Moda Bake Shop website. The Moda Bake Shop can be found at http://www.modabakeshop.com.


Flyers, handouts, pattern books and free Moda Candy (also called Mini Charms) were handed out by the box load, all with the main message of letting people know or reminding them about The Moda Bake Shop. A big thank you goes to Quorn Country Crafts for loaning us 2 lovely Pfaff sewing machines during the show too. Thank you Sue!

Our very popular British designer Janet Clare even visited us! Friday and Saturday at 1pm she kindly shared her ideas and inspiration with the huge crowd that gathered on both days.

image             image image             image image              image

All the quilts we used to decorate the stand were all free downloads from The Moda Bake Shop and we think we got the message across of just what a wonderful resource of inspiration it is. Most days we ran short of goodies early, it’s a good job my wise boss Tony, planned out the stock into different days for us, or we would have been exhausted of supplies by Friday!

I think one of the highlights for me though was set-up day. We were sooooo lucky! The President of Moda Mark Dunn and his son Josh very kindly helped us to set up the stand. Getting to know them better really was a high spot for myself and my colleagues. So big thanks go out to Mark and Josh Dunn for all their help.


We even managed to get Mark sewing! 


Each day we held a prize draw at 4pm with the first prize being 4 layer cakes and second prize 2 layer cakes. This was very well supported and led to many being sadly dissappointed when they weren’t the lucky winner.Here’s a few of the winners with their prize. 


Didn’t Josh’s shirt (on the right)  look fabulous! 



All in all we had a fantastic time meeting quilters of all ages and it was really heartwarming to hear how much they “Love” Moda fabric! Somehow it made all the months of planning and the hard work worth it.

Before I go though, below are just a few of our stockists who had stands at the show. They all deserve a mention too! Sadly didn’t manage time to take photo’s of all of you that were there.

imageimageimage           image

Roll on next year! Who knows, you may see us again.


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