Nocturne is in stores now!

The latest range by British Moda designer Janet Clare was shipped to stores all over the UK and Ireland this week. 


Below are the words Janet used to describe the inspiration behind her new range;

“Nocturne – a love song to the night. 

We are aspiring astronomers and have spent many winter nights gazing heavenwards trying to glimpse distant planets and stars. On our first outing with the telescope we ate bangers (sausages) and beans round the bonfire and then took it in turns to peer at the moon in all its pale, shadowy splendour. But my favourite star gazing evening was spent watching a meteor shower. We sat wrapped in blankets and looked up to catch the occasional glimpse of rapidly streaking light. Coming inside hours later, chilled to the bone and with a creak in your neck is a small price to pay for a night full of stars bright above you.”

This collection really does give you the feeling of quilting your own night sky!

And all these cut goods are available for you to use in Nocturne

Jelly Roll


Fat 1/4 bundle

Layer cake


Charm pack

Moda Candy

And the Turnover


And you can follow this link to a free pattern using Nocturne on The Moda Bake Shop;

Dancing in the Stars

Or this pattern using the Turnover;
Have fun quilting with this stunning range of fabric.


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