Wholesales Enquiries

Wholesale Registration
Begin the process to open an account with Winbourne Fabric’s Ltd;
please note: this account request is not an application, simply a request to open an account. Information gathered to open an account will only be used by Winbourne Fabric’s Ltd.
We require your business to comply with the following should you wish to trade with our company:

1. Opening order value must be a minimum of £1000 or 30 half bolts of current stock. Future ranges and Pre Cuts are not included.

2. The business name under which you are making your application must be registered to you.

3. The business name under which you are making your application must be in patchwork, quilting, haberdashery or related field dealing in fabric.

4. Your business must be conducted from a shop (bricks and mortar) and/or trading as an online business.

5. If trading online, either from a “shop” or “home” the business website address must be provided with the application.

6. Selling directly from Facebook, Instagram or any other social media website is forbidden. Accounts will be closed if found doing so.

7. Moda product (meterage or pre-cuts) must not be sold at markets and stalls.

Should your business comply with above you are will be able to apply for a “pre-pay” account. On receipt of your confirmation of above we will begin the process of opening your account.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact sales@winbournefabrics.co.uk

Thank you!